As part of a school project at Chalmers University of Technology, I had the opportunity to design the logo for a fictive company called Higher Power Shipping. The company specializes in transporting wind power equipment to wind farms using boat shipping.
When designing the logo, my goal was to create something that would effectively communicate the company's focus on wind power and shipping. I began by researching different symbols and imagery commonly associated with wind power and shipping, and eventually settled on a design that features an image of a wind turbine.
The design features the wind turbine in a sleek and modern style, with a bold font for the company name. The turbine is also placed in a way that looks like it's in motion, to represent the shipping aspect of the company. I chose to use a color scheme of blue, white and black, as blue is often associated with the ocean and white and black gives a sense of cleanliness and professionalism.
In addition to the logo design, I also had the opportunity to create a commercial video for the project to practice my motion graphic skills. I used the logo and the color scheme in the video as well. The commercial video showcases how the company transports wind power equipment safely and efficiently to wind farms.​​​​​​​
Overall, I am proud of the logo I designed for Higher Power Shipping. I feel that it effectively communicates the company's focus on wind power and shipping, and the sleek design and color scheme make it stand out in the industry. I also enjoyed the opportunity to practice my motion graphic skills and create a commercial video to showcase the company's service.

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