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As a student at Berghs School of Communication, I had the opportunity to work on a project called 'No Waste.' 
This project was a fictive company and digital service that aimed to help individuals reduce food waste through recipes and tips on how to use leftover foods. 
The service also collaborated with various food chains and supermarkets to collect otherwise wasted foods, which were then transformed into buyable grocery items such as juices and frozen lunchboxes. 
By tackling the problem of food waste, No Waste aimed to make a positive impact on the environment and promote sustainable living.
When I designing the graphic profile for No Waste, I wanted to convey a sense of freshness and youthfulness. 
The company's target audience is young adults who are just starting out on their own and are looking for ways to save money, so I knew that the colors and design needed to appeal to this demographic.
I chose to use a bright baby blue and brown/beige colors in the design. The blue symbolizes the freshness of the food and the beige represents the earthy, natural aspects of the company's mission. Together, these colors create a pleasant and inviting aesthetic that appeals to the target audience.
The logo for No Waste was designed to appear as if it is floating, which gives it a fun and playful feel. This is important because the company's mission is serious, but it wants to be approachable and relatable to the young adults it is targeting. 

The logo is simple and easy to read, making it easy to recognize and remember.
In addition to the colors and logo, I also worked on the typography and imagery used in the company's branding. I chose a modern, clean font that gives a sense of future and innovation, which is in line with the company's vision about the modernisation of the generall view regarding the envirement and reducing food waste.
 The imagery used in the branding is focused on the food and the partnerships with different food chains and supermarkets.

Overall, the graphic profilo for No Waste is designed to be fresh, youthful, and appealing to the target audience. The colors, logo, typography and imagery all work together to create a cohesive and memorable brand that effectively communicates the company's mission of reducing food waste.

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